Data Networking

Data Networking Solutions

Having capable, reliable connectivity to the world is more important today than ever. As data communications technologies have advanced over the years, it has paved the way for a number of ground breaking innovations such as the Internet, cloud computing, hosted services, mobile devices and many more; technologies that are now at the core of the modern economy and that nearly each and every business relies on each and every day to drastically streamline internal operations, connect with customers and seamlessly connect to the rest of the outside world. Taking full advantage of these technologies could be hugely beneficial for your organization, but with these capabilities though comes a considerable amount of complexity, upfront and maintenance costs. Business stakeholder need to get the most out of such an investment, being sure the required functionality, performance, reliability and security measures are being delivered. We are here to help you deliver, leveraging our knowledge and experience in the industry to architect and implement the ideal solution that’s feature rich, scalable and budget friendly. Our experience in networking technologies enables us to architect and build-out solutions simply and effectively, all the way up to more complex, enterprise level, multifaceted environments.

  • Small business and corporate LAN, wireless LAN (WLAN) design and implementation.
  • Intranet, extranet connectivity solutions.
  • Site-to-site and remote VPN solutions.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile solutions.
  • High availability and high performance network architecture.
  • Firewall configuration and implementation.