Datacentre solutions

Solutions for on-prem infrastructure

Solutions to simplify maintaining your existing datacentre or streamline a build-out or expansion project. Overseeing every phase of datacentre equipment lifecycle – installation, troubleshooting, maintenance and decommissioning. Certified by the Institute for Data Centre Professionals, we offer services not only to support the technology administration side of your business but also helping to bridge the gap between building engineers, electricians, HVAC technicians and other facilities personnel by leveraging experience on both sides of the spectrum to find effective, clear solutions that meet the needs of both the technology management side and facilities management side of the datacentre. Datacentre operations costs are some of the most significant a business will face between the cost of compute hardware, building infrastructure, cooling and energy costs, however it's also an area where a significant amount of money and resources can be saved through appropriate planning and execution of new strategies, maintenance policies and IT governance.

  • Server installation, reconfiguration, troubleshooting, decommisioning.
  • Systems failover, disaster recovery and co-location solutions.
  • Copper and fibre cabling.
  • Floor layout, power, cooling capacity planning.
  • Cooling solutions analysis.
  • Environment monitoring.
  • Asset management and IT governance.