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“A couple of years ago while interviewing with a hedge fund in New York, I was asked which of the following words resonated with me the most: ‘safety’, ‘efficiency', or ‘passion’. The question certainly got me thinking... as it was supposed to, but without much hesitation I answered 'passion'. I explained to the interviewer that passion to me is an extremely powerful and largely underrated concept in my opinion and a concept I personally have held in the highest regards for some time. Think about it, when you have passion for something, you genuinely care about that something. You may feel like you can’t even get enough of it at times and more than likely, that something has been a part of you for a while – something that has withstood the test of time, that has kept hold of your interest and kept you coming back for more time and time again. When you have passion for something, you want to know all about its ins and outs, how exactly it works and you may even feel as if it’s an essential part of who you are. As a result, when you have that passion, you automatically adopt all of the other key aspects associated with it; you already know it well enough to know how to use it efficiently, responsibly, safely.

When your passion and the work you do become one and the same, that’s when you have something truly powerful. This is the force that drives deep thought, new innovative ideas and a relentless pursuit of excellence in what you do. Such insight comes naturally and it’s an incredibly powerful thing to employ.

When it comes to the information technology industry, most would agree it is a very involved, complicated and sometimes confusing field at times. Not only is it complex here and now but it evolves very rapidly, unlike any other industry, requiring constant attention and extensive knowledge of many different topics to promote a solid understanding of how so many variables can work together with the purpose of finding efficient, innovative solutions that meet the challenges you face all while bearing in mind key constraints such as usability, budget, and longevity. You only truly get this level of comprehension when you have the passion for it.

By having extensive knowledge and experience, you’re then able to architect very finely tuned and specialized applications. You understand the tools you have available to you to get the job done right whether it involves how to execute an upgrade plan to minimize or even completely eliminate business downtime, utilizing disruptive technologies or open-source solutions when appropriate to deliver a particular set of functionality on a tight budget, or knowing exactly what methodologies, equipment and other applications to use to deliver a product to someone exactly as they envisioned it.

It's for this reason we have helped so many of the most demanding clients in some of the most demanding industries find clarity in their use of technology; helping them navigate the complexities they face, developing the right solutions to tackle those challenges and executing on those strategies time and time again. That’s who we are, that’s why we do what we do and I invite you reach out for a discussion about your technology obstacles and what solutions exist for you.”

- Robby Kilian, Founder & CEO

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Now more than ever, technology plays a crucial role for financial services institutions - requiring highly available, highly capable and meticulously tuned solutions to ensure the smoothest of operations to remain competitive and ensure operational efficiency. As the industry the majority of our clients reside in, we are well versed with the applications and the specific demands within this business sector and offer services specifically tailored for broker/dealers, hedge funds, private equity, family offices and proprietary trading firms alike.


Offering products and services catered to small to medium sized businesses in many different spaces – retail, professional services, manufacturing and many more. Whether you’re looking to streamline business operations internally, looking to introduce new capabilities for your employees or clients, reach new customers or improve the user experience for existing ones, we have solutions designed to collectively help your business remain efficient, keeping your employees, clients and other stakeholders very satisfied.


New business ventures, especially in today’s global economy demand agile solutions that can be deployed rapidly and promote instant productivity while being affordable and scalable in order to incubate growth, spead your idea and establish a strong foundation in the early stages of business. By utilizing our insight and experience, we can develop innovative solutions that not only solve various obstacles but can even introduce new capabilities to your business, making you even more competitive in the marketplace and help to ensure future successes.

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Today, many people can do their work from anywhere. For many, their home offices serve as their primary work space and with this type of flexibility comes the need more robust and capable hardware, software, networking and security solutions that a typical home office utilizing consumer grade products can’t match. Through using the right equipment with the proper support, you can be confident you have the right solutions in place to ensure productivity and availability regardless of where you conduct business.




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